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Renting services of the rooms

servicios de alquiler de aulas - recepción

Déjate asesorar por nuestro equipo

At AIL Formación we aim to offer the best training rooms in Madrid, and we also want to help you with all other aspects of your work, such as: the reservation process, technical doubts and problems, advisory and consulting services…

You plan the course and we will help you with the rest!

1. Advisory and consulting services

Our professionals will help you to fill your courses with students through the creation of a promotional webpage, positioning in search engines, and a presence on our social media platforms. All of these actions give your course better publicity online, and there for more opportunity to sell.

Do you want to have your own page together with the rest of our courses? All you have to do is give us the information and we will do the rest of the work!

2. Large communal areas

servicios de alquiler de aulas - espacio de descanso

Alquiler de aulas blancas en Madrid – zonas comunes

A spacious, comfortable environment is offered, ideal for meeting before class or during a break. Areas are fitted with vending machines, computers that are free to use, and comfortable sofas… the customers on your course have a wide range of quality products at their disposal.

3. Secretary

We receive the phone calls of your potential clients, we tell them about the facilities, and we give them the promotional materials that you provide. And all of this is provided with a professional, welcoming manner.

4. Catering

servicios de alquiler de aulas - catering

¿Te gustaría disfrutar de un servicio de catering?

We offer a wide variety of platters, from salads and/or hot/cold desserts, and drinks that included tea, coffee, refreshments, water, and cocktails and/or cava for special receptions.

We also have an attractive ‘coffee break’ offer, from 8€ per person.

5. Looking after documentation and course materials

We can take care of your materials between sessions, and will sort post that you send and receive to our centre (subject to availability and under previous request).

6. Photocopying services

servicios de alquiler de aulas - fotocopias

Servicio de reprografía a tu disposición

All the instructors can enjoy a photocopying service:

  • Black and white photocopying: 0.10€ a sheet
  • Colour photocopying: 0.15€ a sheet.

For room bookings of more than 50 hours, the first 50 black and white photocopies are free on us!

7. Reservation process

If you request it, we can help organise reservations for food, hotels, cocktails, nibbles, transport…

8. Maintenance/cleaning

Our cleaning and maintenance service maintain the rooms and communal areas to the most optimal conditions for training.

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