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We will promote your course


Nuestro equipo está compuesto de profesionales en la promoción online

It is known without a doubt that to get more success for your business, you have to be visible on the internet to give your potential clients the opportunity to find you when they are scrolling through the internet. And the most important thing is that they find you before the competition.

At AIL Formación, we have marketing experts with years of experience behind them, who can help you to reach your publicity goals. We want to guarantee that your course is a success and that you´ll want to spend a lot of time with us!

1. We will create a page dedicated to your course

promoción de curso - ejemplo

Tendrás una página solo para ti

We are going to dedicate a webpage exclusively to your course within our website. All we need is for you to give us the contents and images, and our professionals will then be trusted to shape your page.

Why don’t you take a look at the course pages we have created already? See  the selection of our courses and visualise your future page.

We are not only limited to creating a functional and attractive page, we will also take charge of the SEO of the page, positioning it in search engines through the searching and inclusion of key words, optimised content, and imagery.

2. We will actively promote your course on social media

promoción de curso - ejemplo

Ponemos nuestras redes sociales a tu disposición.

Our help doesn’t end with the creation of the page. Once it is made, we will promote it on our social media: Facebook, Twitter y Linkedin. Active promotion does not limit us to only publicising on our social media, we will post the page on all the groups that will be interested in your course. In this way, if for example you have a Portuguese course, we will make sure to share it in all relevant groups for learning that language.

3. We will promote your course in our centre

We will distribute all the promotional materials that you give us in our centre: business cards, leaflets, flyers, price lists, whatever you want! You just have to give it to us and we will place it in the most visible and engaged areas of our centre. We house courses of every shape and size: languages, art workshops, coaching and therapy… there for the client profiles vary a lot. Create an informative and attractive material and the centre does the rest, ¡its certain that more than one person will be interested in the course you’re offering!


In the same way, you can provide to our team all the information at you consider necessary and we can pass it on to potential clients that ask about your course: prices, timetables, syllabus, etc. Through this way, we are not limited to redirect them to you, if not we can help you to open a door, and tell them all about your course. Our team have commercial experience with advanced knowledge about the newest sales techniques.

Talk to us about how you can promote your course. ¡Write to us ¡Escríbenos!

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