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James Dean


Who we are?

We are a group of students with an advanced C1 level of English. Some of us have already taken the CAE exam. However, we are not interested in taking any further exams, but would like to maintain our English level. With special focus on speaking and listening, including some pronunciation work and a great deal of fluency practice.
At the moment there are three students in the class (Ana, Helena and Ana) and we are looking for at least one more. The maximum number of students in the class would be six as we feel that this is a good number to work with. We are a friendly bunch, who get on well and we go for the occasional beer once in a while.

When and where we start?

  • The classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 18.15 and 19.45 near plaza Colon.

How the classes are?

During our classes we do a range of different activities, looking at a number of current affair and cultural topics and exploit authentic materials with a focus on natural English – as used by native speakers. Last year we had a book group and went on trips to the cinema etc.

James (2)Who I am?

I’am a native British English teacher with over eight years experience teaching English in Spain.

I have worked in both academies and universities, both in Spain and the UK. I have a degree in History and interest in travelling, music, and world cultures which are often used as a focus for the classes.

Aditional information:

Please get in touch if you have at least a B2+ level for further information.

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